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Let us build your vision for you. From design creation to development and testing, whether you are a Start-Up or a Medium Enterprise, WestPac can help turn your ideas into reality

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Different businesses have different needs. WestPac can help you achieve your desired software solutions by helping you identify the problem, planning a course of action and ensuring smooth execution.

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Streamline your processes for cost-efficient and productive operations. Team WestPac – composed of experienced and highly trained IT Professionals – can guarantee that your solutions are continuously improving, running smoothly and are up-to-date.

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Our Recent Projects

Learning in the New Normal

At the height of the pandemic, establishments closed down, including schools. WestPac created a web based e-learning platform that allowed schools to plan and conduct classes remotely. Teachers transitioned easily and students continued learning.

With the help of the E-Learning Platform, our client was able to pivot and operate in the ‘new normal’

Delivery Done Right

Last Mile Delivery is a crucial process in the digital economy. Therefore, a delivery solution done right goes a long way.

With the WestPac Delivery Monitoring System (DMS), our clients are able to gain complete control and visibility over their end-to-end transport and delivery operations, enabling them to modernize logistics and gain strategic advantage

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